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    Publications, Websites and Media

    Homepage for the Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture (ACIPA), based at the Griffith Law School, Griffith University. A multipage, static website built using html, css and google maps API, incorporating a quarterly newsletter.

    Homepage for the IPBio Network. Multipage, static website: html, css, flash, with a wordpress install for forum and blog, listserv, newsletter, and youtube, twitter, linkedin, soundcloud and facebook pages. The site acts as a platform for a wide range of videos, audio recordings and scholarly articles. Management of hosting and DNS registration.

    Home page for "Owning and Disowning Invention: Intellectual Property, Authority and Identity in British Science and Technology, 1880-1920", an AHRC funded project. Single page, static, html and css. Video and audio content. Management of hosting and DNS registration.

  • Prof. Gregory Radick's personal page. Single page, static, html and css.


  INTUTE virtual training suite: "Internet For History And Philosophy Of Science" (2007)

  • Working Veiko Palge and Samuel Schindler, produced text and gathered resources for an interactive tutorial, guiding students to the internet's best history and philosophy of science resources.

  International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) technology time line (2006)

  • Working with Graeme Gooday and Leucha Veneer, produced text for an interactive timeline of twentieth-century technological innovations, used on the IEC's website and as a CD and booklet distributed to celebrate the institute's centenary.

    Presentations and Symposia

  • 2018. The Citizen in Citizen Science Workshop, University of Birmingham.

  • 2018. AHRC Digital Transformations Workshop, Furtherfield Commons.

  • 2017. ‘A Corner in Wheat (1909): Large Technological Systems and the History of Genetics’, Natures, Cultures, Knowledges Group, University of Cambridge.

  • 2017. ‘A Corner in Wheat (1909): Large Technological Systems and the History of Genetics’, History of Science Technology & Medicine Seminar Series, University of Oxford.

  • 2017. ‘Genetics and the Institutionalization of Plant Breeding Expertise, 1900-1930’, Aichi Prefectural University.

  • 2017. ‘Citizen Science’. European Philosophy Forum. London School of Economics.

  • 2016. ‘The Forensics of Predatory Publishing’, Max Planck Institute für Wissenschaftsgeschichte (MPIWG).

  • 2016. ‘Citizen Science in Context’, Université de Genève.

  • 2015. 'Miss Ormerod’s feeling for Community', TECHNIS online seminar 2015.

  • 2015. with Geoffrey Belknap, ‘"[M]any are better than one, when hard work is to be done": Studying People-Powered Research in the 19th and 21st Centuries', Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, CESTA Stanford University.

  • 2015. 'The Unexpected History of Genetics', JIC Friday Seminar, John Innes Centre.

  • 2012. 'Why didn’t an equivalent to the US Plant Patent Act of 1930 emerge in Britain? Historicising the boundaries of un-patentable innovation', ACIPA IP and Food Symposium, Griffith University.

  • 2017. with Dominic Berry, ‘Genetic acres at home and abroad: Meting out the British agricultural empire through imperial time and space’. Rural History 2017, European Rural History Organisation.

  • 2017. “DEDICATED TO ALL MISS ORMEROD’S CORRESPONDENTS IN ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY”: The Injurious Insects Movement and the social purpose of science, 1870-1901. International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology.

  • 2017. ‘The Scientific Report and Distributed Observation in the late 19th Century’, York University, Canada.

  • “Rogues and Wild Relatives: Purity and wildness in early-20th Century Genetics”, The Call of the Wild, MIT 2016.

  • with Sally Frampton, “CONSCICOM” Media and Medicine Workshop. Maison Française d'Oxford 2016.

  • with Sally Frampton and Geoffrey Belknap, “Updates from CONSCICOM” Zoominar. 2016.

  • Chair: “Why Objects?” HSS 2015.

  • with Sally Frampton, “CONSCICOM”, St Anne’s ‘Open Door’ Day. 2015.

  • “CONSCICOM”, AHRC Digital Transformations Meeting. Rhode’s House, Oxford 2015.

  • Big Data in the Humanities Roundtable, Pembroke College, Oxford 2015.

  • “Crowd-Sourced Science in the Nineteenth Century: Eleanor Ormerod’s Injurious Insects”, British Society for the History of Science 2015.

  • with S. Shuttleworth and C. Lintott, “People Powered Science: citizen science in the 19th and 21st centuries”, The Royal Society 2015.

  • “Publishing Eleanor Ormerod’s Notes of Observations of Injurious Insects 1878-1901”, Publish or Perish, St Andrews and The Royal Society 2015.

  • ““Beyond Authorship: Recognising all research contributions." Roundtable ORCID CASRAI. 2015.

  • “Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurialism in Britain and the Colonial West Indies, 1880-1930”, Academic Entrepreneurship, University of Ghent 2015.

  • “Writing Miss Ormerod’s Autobiography”, Scientific Lives, University of Leeds 2015.

  • with S. Frampton, "What can history do for Citizen Science and what can Citizen Science do for history?" Zoominar Seminar Series, University of Oxford 2015.

  • "Expertise and Colonial Management of Plant Genetic Resources in the West Indies", Science and Technology in the European Periphery Meeting (Lisbon, 2014)

  • "Agricultural Science and entrepreneurialism in Britain the Colonial West Indies, 1880-1930", European Business History Association Congress (Utrecht, 2014)

  • Plant Science: Its Role In Biology [Roundtable] International Society for History Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (Montpellier, 2013).

  • Introduction: "Patenting Life: genes and generations," [Roundtable] International Society for History Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology (Montpellier, 2013).

  • "Cui bono? Gauging the aims and successes of publicly funded plant breeding in retrospect", GMOs Driving Legal Developments - Updates from the Front (Brisbane, 2013).

    Fellowships, Grants and Awards

    Professional Service